Business Development

With an unparalleled location, superb quality of life, diverse and talented residents and a focused business climate, New Rochelle is poised for significant economic growth.  The City’s Department of Development, working in concert with the Business Improvement District (BID) and New Rochelle Industrial Development Agency (IDA) has attracted development that is changing the face of downtown. 

Business Ambassador

For business owners the Business Ambassador is your first point of contact…

The goal of the Business Ambassador is to make businesses in New Rochelle more successful by providing assistance and direct communication between the City and business owners. The Business Ambassador fields concerns and issues of business owners and when possible provides assistance in resolving these concerns or directing owners to local and state agencies and organizations that can offer business assistance. This may range from providing information about grant or loan programs, or bringing issues to other City departments for resolution.

Check out the Ideal Business Guide to Opening and Operating a Business in New Rochelle.  It answers many common questions with resources to help you create your own ideal business.

Additionally, the Business Ambassador will work to promote local businesses to customers in New Rochelle and throughout Westchester. The Business Ambassador will organize New Rochelle business to business networking events and information sessions with local and state agencies and financial institutions that offer programs to businesses.

Retail and Student Housing Business Registration

The purpose of the Business Registration Program is to foster the growth of local businesses, attract new businesses to the City and to protect the health, safety and welfare of the individual and business citizens of the City of New Rochelle. All retail businesses and all Student Housing businesses are required to register and all others are encouraged to do so. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions for more information and how to register.

Business Improvement District (BID)

Downtown New Rochelle's 800 businesses and property owners are represented by the Business Improvement District, a vibrant association whose prime goals are economic development, new business and new investment.

Chamber of Commerce

Founded in 1922, New Rochelle's Chamber of Commerce is committed to advancing the concerns of the City's business community and the economic vitality of the City. The Chamber provides a variety of services to its members and is an active participant in governmental affairs